Sunday, November 14, 2010

With This Ring - Amanda Quick

With this Ring is about Beatrice who ends up on the Earl of Monkcrest's doorstep in the middle of the night. She went seeking his help in finding the Rings of Aphrodite. She believes her Uncle Reggie died after purchasing them. Thinking they were stolen and the only thing she had left of her cousin's dowry she enlists the help of Leo Drake "the mad monk" an antiquities expert.

This book was quite an interesting mystery. The suspects kept showing up dead and I couldn't figure out who was at the heart of it. Although, this book did not incite strong feelings one way or the other for me I still enjoyed the story.

There were attempted kidnappings, prostitutes, murders, brothels, even manly elixirs, and a hound that kept getting mistaken for a wolf. Some of the scenes seemed convenient and not particularly plausible but still they did not detract from the story in the least. It was enjoyable and mysterious and kept me wondering until the end.
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