Monday, August 30, 2010

Tough Customer - Sandra Brown

This book is about Dodge who gets a call from his ex girlfriend, Caroline, from whom he hasn't spoken to in 30 years. She needs his help, but more importantly his daughter, Berry, needs his help. He's never met his daughter and she doesn't know about him.

Berry has a stalker, Oren, who's tried to kill her. Instead, he got her co-worker but before he left he vows to kill her. This novel is about Caroline and Dodge's story intertwined with Berry and the Chief, Ski.

Honestly, in the beginning I was fighting my way through this book. Dodge was acting like a petulant child. I almost stopped reading it it was that painful. He literally throws a hissy fit you'd expect to see on a 2 year old child. He practically stomped his heels and held his breatht. Seriously, what sort of 50ish year man does that?

But, I continued on. It really didn't seem to pick up until around half way through and even then it didn't pick up as much as I'd have liked. It was a tough read.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Veil of Night - Linda Howard

I know when I finish a book smiling that it was a good one. I really enjoyed Veil of Night by Linda Howard. It had my smiling and even laughing in a few different spots. It's a great mix of suspense, humor and drama.

Jacklyn an events planner has her plate full this week with six weddings. All are going reasonably well except for Carrie Edwards' wedding. She's a horrible bride and a horrible person. She is vindictive, mean-spirited and downright rude. The day she fires Jacklyn is also the day she ends up dead. Now the police have a long list of suspects and not enough evidence.

From the minute this book started I could almost tell I'd have a hard time putting it down and I wasn't wrong. It was full of likable and not so likable characters and plenty of suspects. It was pretty easy to predict but not full out predictable which was nice. A fun read and difficult to put down.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trapped - Jack Kilborn

Trapped by Jack Kilborn is the followup to Afraid. Trapped has definitely surpassed Afraid for gore. It has to be the goriest most disgusting book I've ever read and I loved it. I thought it was really suspenseful and I could see myself lost in the woods with the characters.

Most of the time I was yelling at the characters for doing things that just frustrated me. Like dropping the only thing that would protect them. So infuriating and yet that's what made it all worth it.

While some of the book was a bit predictable most of it was not. Not even close. You just can't fathom some of the gruesome things that happen in this novel.

There are two versions of this story and I read the remake. I do have a copy of the original draft, but I have yet to get into that one. I've been told its even more sickening than the one I read.

The best thing about this book is that is is suspenseful. I'm reading as fast as I can to see what happens next. The worst thing about this book is that when you get to the gore you can't close your eyes like you can in a movie.

My opinion is to go ahead and get lost in the woods with these characters.
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