Sunday, November 28, 2010

Torment - Jeremy Bishop

I'd just like to start off by saying, WOW. I found myself up at 3am with blurry vision trying to read through the book. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Still, it was so good.

It's basically about Mia who's fiance was just considered MIA but what's worse is that there is a tape of him on the news telling everyone he's a sniper and was sent to kill the Russian president. Mia wants more answers, she doesn't believe it. Matt was a truck driver not a sniper. Not getting anything from anyone, Mia fakes a letter to the president from her 7 year old niece and gets invited to the White House.

Russia declares war on the US while Mia and her niece are there and they get orbited into space while a nuclear war erupts. When they get back to Earth things are very different.

This novel is filled with more than just zombies. There are so many different kinds of horror that just chase you down the entire way. It's a bit religious and that definitely isn't my cup of tea but this was done superbly. I'm very glad I read it. It was exciting, suspenseful and shocking the entire way. So good.
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