Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward

I read this on a recommendation from a review on Amazon. They mentioned how it was comparable to Sherrilyn Kenyon's books and I do love her stories so I figured, hey, why not.

Although, the story was good. I'm not going to debate that. I think the problem lies in the fact that I started this as an audiobook. The narrator was just not good in my opinion. He would be doing voices and all of a sudden the male would stop speaking in a Spanish accent or the main characters voice would change into the female part even though it was clearly still the main character, Wrath, speaking. It was so very frustrating.

Also, one other thing that bothered me about this novel is the fact that Wrath is pretty much blind. He can see shadows and outlines but more often than not he was looking into Beth's eyes. That didn't seem possible from the earlier descriptions. That was pretty frustrating.

About 70% through this one, I realized I already had a copy of the book and finished reading it on my own. Not only can I read faster, but I don't annoy myself with sucking spit the entire time I'm reading. Just, not a good narrator in my opinion.

I also thought the huge climatic battle at the end left a lot to be desired. I think it could have been described better and I also think it could have been better in my opinion. I think the main reason it was such a quick fight in the end was because the author had so much story to get through because this is the first in the series. I think she tried to explain so much.

I enjoyed the secondary characters. I am interested in reading their stories and would like to know more. I'll skip the audiobook and hopefully won't be as disappointed.
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