Sunday, February 19, 2012

14. The Heat - Heather Killough-Walden

After reading The Vampire King and having some questions about a few of the characters that popped up, I decided, since I liked that book so much, to try the Big Bad Wolf series. I must say after reading the first book in the series I'm impressed and excited. I usually skip wolf books altogether because they've never really attracted my interest in the past but this one certainly grabbed it from the beginning.

Lily St Claire is back after ten years. She's visiting with her best friend Tabitha when Daniel, Tabitha's brother comes to visit. Things start to spiral out of control fairly quickly from the moment she see's him. She's thrust into a world she knows nothing about. Forced against her will between two Alpha Werewolves.

What a wild ride from beginning to end. I started to feel bad for Lily come the middle of this one. How much can one girl go through before she goes a little crazy herself. It was well written and very thought out. A lot of twists and turns in the middle. Lily has to decide what she wants and how to save herself from every situation she's thrust into all while trying to control her feelings for Daniel.

I'm excited about the rest of the series as well. I have to give the author credit for getting me interested in wolves. I love the world she's created and I can't wait to read more.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12. The Vampire King - Heather Killough-Walden

I was lucky enough to hear about this author through one of my favorite authors links. I'm so very happy I found her. From the second I started reading this I was hooked. It just sucked me in.

I've been reading a lot of books recently where I can't seem to connect with the characters. I had no such issue with these characters. I completely connected with them almost instantly. I loved Evie from the minute we met her. She was strong and courageous and sweet and amazing. Roman on the other hand was a devilish delight. Stronger than any other vampire I've ever read and what an exciting character that creates. I'm not sure who was my favorite of the two.

I wanted so much to read this straight through but work always manages to get in the way. I did end up tossing and turning just thinking about how this one would play out.

One thing that was a little tricky for me was that since this is my first Killough-Walden book I'm not sure if the characters are in any other novels but keeping everyone straight was a little tough. I had to slow down just to think of who was who. I thought it was interesting that most of the supernaturals had normal names. Most other books the names are odd.

This was suspenseful and kept you on the edge until the end where there is quite possibly a good twist coming. Very interesting to say the least. Something I'm dying to jump into to.

I had so much fun reading this and I can't wait for more to come. I should have known better than to start a book during the week. I kept sitting at my desk at work and thinking, if I didn't have a job, I'd have way more time to read this book. I'm hooked.
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