Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deceit: A Novel - Brandilyn Collins

I wasn't really excited to read this one but because I was in the middle of nowhere and I didn't want to buy a new book just yet, I decided to go for one I'd already purchased. Once I started reading this I really got into it.

Skip tracer, Joanne, has been trying to find her best friend for 6 years. She knows Linda's husband Baxter had something to do with her disappearance and likely death. After Baxter's second wife died under questionable circumstances Joanna searches for the foster daughter, Melissa, that lived with Linda and Baxter. Now someone is after Joanne and Melissa and she's on the run and hunt of her life.

This book went from the present to the past and brought both together. The past is mainly about Baxter, Linda and Melissa's life together and the circumstances that lead up to Linda's disappearance. The present focuses on Joanne running for her life while simultaneously searching for Melissa.

Very suspenseful. It was very exciting and in the beginning it left you with lots of questions. It was fairly easy to piece together once you got into it but it was still an excellent book. I enjoyed it tremendously. Lots of deceit going on with everyone.

The one thing I didn't enjoy was all the Christianity. It wasn't a religious book but most of the characters were religious. Really mainly the ending was the most annoying with the religion. I see how some people would be into it with the questions that the book raised but for me it was too much.
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