Sunday, January 29, 2012

7. Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas

It started off with a little magic. It goes through Lucy's childhood and why she and her sister are the way they are. I was so annoyed by Alice that I was cringing all through their childhood. Do parents really act like that? Then, I think, of course they do.

The whole story felt a little depressing to me. Even when Lucy was with Kevin in the beginning she seemed to be ... well, depressed. It was a little hard to read. Then she meets Sam in a very interesting and different way. I felt like it was something I'd almost do. As enjoyable as that was I'm not exactly sure I felt a connection to the characters.

There were a few twists that came about that I didn't see coming and rather enjoyed but then there were a few things that you could see coming a mile away.

The magic wasn't a predominate part of the story and it has me wondering why it was even there at all. I feel like it didn't have to be. I, personally, didn't mind the magic but I'm not sure everyone will feel the same way.

I wish I felt more for these characters because the story was really interesting. I loved the supporting characters and the detail that went into explaining the story. I find it difficult to connect unless I can feel what it is they're feeling.

I am excited about the next two books in the series that are coming. I'd love to see where we're going with this and who's next in the story line.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6. Prey - Linda Howard

I'm a huge Howard fan so this is going to kill me to write because this book was not all that entertaining to me. I actually found it kind of boring. I really love her other novels especially the spy type ones.

I thought it started out really promising. I loved how the stare down in the street happened between Angie and Dare and how they were completely different from each other.

Angie is in dire straits she needs to sell her family home and tour/hunting guide business before going completely bankrupt. There's only one person to blame and that's Dare Callahan. He's been siphoning off her business since he moved back. Maybe not intentionally but nevertheless she's without any guests but one. Her lasts clients want a bear hunt and she's petrified of bears but still willing to go the extra mile for her guests she's ready to track one for them. Little does she know that one of her two guests has other plans.

I felt like there was so much that could have happened but instead we find Dare and Angie waiting out the rain. For what seems like forever. I really didn't feel any chemistry between them and the inner dialogue that came along with them was pretty boring and not really that insightful. It did not bring up any strong emotions for me or even mild ones at that.

I'd say the first half and the last few pages were mildly exciting. I've read way better books by Howard. I go back to reread them because I enjoy them so much but this one is not going to be one of those rereads.
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