Wednesday, March 28, 2012

20. Heroes for my Daughter - Brad Meltzer

I may be a little biased as Brad Meltzer is one of my favorite authors but this book was inspiring. Meltzer just has a way with words. He's an amazing author.

I'm not sure there are enough words to say about this book. The messages to his daughter that seemed oh so personal to the inspiring heroes inside. The way he tells these life stories had me tearing up at almost all of them. It really made me want to be a better person. To strive for the unattainable.

The first story of Marie Curie, just wow. When he say's she could have stopped there, she'd accomplished enough. I'll never forget that. It makes me want to be better at what I do. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but this book was that affecting.

Heroes for my Daughter makes me want to have children, just so I can read this to them. I'm planning on getting Heroes for my Son. I'm also planning on telling everyone I know and even those I don't about this book.
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