Monday, January 13, 2014

Basis B1

When I received the Basis B1 in the mail I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to put this on and watch my steps accumulate. Unfortunately, I had to charge it for 3 hours first. Still, that didn't put a damper on my mood. (Ok, it did a little.)

After strapping this on my immediate impression was "wow" it's a little bulky. I have a teeny tiny wrist and not only does this look huge on me but it also feels a bit painful on my bone. Especially, at bedtime.

I love the fact that this has habits (goals) that you beat and pass and once you earn enough points off of your habits you get to add more. It's very exciting and helps to keep you motivated. I think though, that in the beginning, they should make the first goal quicker to obtain. I find that the more achievements and accomplishments you make the more motivated you become and the more you want to accomplish. I think others in this field should think of doing the same.

I also love that it has a heart rate monitor. I really like the fact that it checks not only my heart rate but my skin temperature and perspiration. So you can get a picture of what you're body is doing at any given time.

Now, I've tried the several different types of pedometers that rate above and below this. I also have and continue to use my Fitbit One. I've had that for almost 2 years and I know that my steps are practically spot on. I've held it and walked and counted my steps. I've even counted my steps and then checked it and it's really within a step or two. The Basis B1, I've found is pretty far off.

Just this morning I went from my bedroom to the kitchen, to the living room, back to the kitchen then to the bathroom. My Basis B1 registered only 8 steps. Now, I assure you I don't live in a studio apartment. While my B1 registered only 8 steps my other pedometer accounted for 92. Much more accurate. That means this morning alone I lost 84 steps. I feel like that's a lot and it adds up. There doesn't seem to be a place for calibration or how to change my stride. I think it just calculates that based off of my height but still, 8 steps!?

One more issue that I have is that the sleep tracker is pretty far off. One night I know I woke up about 4 times because I checked the alarm clock each time and my B1 only said that my sleep was interrupted only once. The next night I took it off because it was so uncomfortable and I needed a break. Then only last night it said my sleep was interrupted 0 times but it had my sleep split into two times. Once from 12:20am-3:49am and then again at 4:13am-6:10am That seemed so odd to me. I spent quite a long time searching the website and playing with the B1 looking for a button or combination of buttons to use to have the watch know I'm going into sleep mode. After a good while I realized that you don't push anything you just go to bed.

All of that being said, I like the idea of this, I just wish it could be a bit more compact and a bit more accurate for steps. To me the sleep tracker doesn't much matter as I pretty can tell if I'm sleeping good or not. It does have some good habits to look into like going to bed at the same time every night. That would be so hard for me to attain. Anyway, I like the unit. I love the motivation factors. All in all. It's alright. Until the step count becomes more accurate I have to be a bit harsh in my rating.
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