Sunday, November 27, 2011

72. Stirred - J.A Konrath and Blake Crouch

Talk about the serial killer that won't quit. I love the Jack Daniels series and I'm sad to see it coming to and end. I think that is mainly why I read the first 85% of this book with a huge knot in my stomach and a begrudging feeling to just not finish it. That way everything could just stay the same. Yet, all good things must come to an end. Or so I've been told.

Wow a lot of thought went into this finale. So much happened. I feared for Jack the entire time. I loathed Luther. I really love how everything came together. To be honest until I got to that 85% when it started getting down to the wire and I started reading faster just to see how it would all turn out. I did not even have the slightest idea of how it would turn out.

Jack is pregnant and just ready to give birth. She has Preeclampsia which could turn into Eclampsia at any time. That still doesn't make Jack want to induce. She wants to hold on to that baby for as long as possible. She has a killer out to get her (Luther) and the longer she can hold onto her baby the longer she can prolong bringing her into a terrible world.

Though I was apprehensive through it's entirety I was still able to enjoy this book. I loved Jack and all her supporting characters, I've feared Luther and all his craziness and I will continue to remember these novels fondly.
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