Wednesday, August 8, 2012

36. 50 Shades of Grey - E. L. James

Serious hype over this book and I'm not even sure I'm halfway through and I can't even find one thing about Anastasia I like. She's 21 turning 15. Not to mention, I'm listening to the Audiobook and the narrator is like such a valley girl. Her cadence and the way she say's things makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

To me the way this was written is marginal at best. Almost like it was meant for teens. It also reminds me of a cross between Twilight and Pretty Woman.

Christian is 6 years older than Anastasia but he acts like he's 50 and well... she's 15. Ana is so enamored by Christian that she willingly enters into a "relationship/non-relationship" clause. I can't stop listening even when Christian referred to Anastasia's virginity as a situation that needed to be rectified.

I think at first I was mad. How could Anastasia let this man use her like this. Then I kept thinking, a lot of girls let men use them because they're infatuated. Ana keeps saying she'll do anything for this man. Um, why?

About midway through my Audiobook seemed to have a glitch. So I decided that was a good stopping point. The repetitive words and writing are so annoying. There's far better erotica out there with way better characters that I actually like.
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