Thursday, May 26, 2011

Born of Shadows - Sherrilyn Kenyon 41

I am a huge Kenyon fan. She is one of my favorite authors and The League series is definitely my favorite series of all time. I've been waiting for this addition to the series for awhile now and even kept changing my calendar status when the due dates were moved. Even my pre-order was canceled because it was taking so long. So I expected a lot more for what I got.

The premise was good. The storyline for me was a little hard to follow. It started with a bang and then fizzled. I had a very hard time keeping Karissa and Kara and all the relationships and names straight, especially towards the end. I wasn't really connected to Caillen or Desideria. Perhaps, it was too much storyline and not enough character development. Even the jokes and banter seemed like overkill. It definitely did not give me the same vibe as the rest of The League books.

I miss the way the old Kenyon books were. I'm not sure if it's because she has too many books coming out at the same time or if it's something else. I'd rather wait longer for better. Please bring back The League I know and love.
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