Monday, December 30, 2013

Bowflex Boost

First impressions not a huge fan. The bracelet itself is a little large. It clips in easy enough. The program itself is a pain in the you know what. I'm so frustrated with this.

I have the Fitbit One and had the Ultra before and I love loved them. Especially, the fact that you can go online and see your progress and your phone is not required but if you want to you can use your phone. This Boost requires the use of the Bluetooth on the newer model phones. iPhone 5 and Samsung 4S or higher. The website didn't really state the fact it could be used with Android and seeing as how I have the Samsung 3S I couldn't really use it. Luckily, a family member has the iPhone 5S and I'm able to use that. However, I've been wearing this for over a week expecting it to count steps like my Fitbit does whether or not it's paired with a phone or computer and to my surprise it wasn't collecting my data until I actually connected and paired it to the phone.

The box didn't state it could be used with Androids and that made me a little nervous. I suppose once I upgrade my phone I wouldn't be as critical but I do hate lugging it out all the time.

I think the first step when downloading the app to the phone is showing you how to connect the unit. By the time I got there I just assumed it was not important info so I skipped it. So I wrote it for 3 more days expecting it to backlog my data and nothing. Finally, after pairing it on Monday and not finding any results I was super disappointed. Not just disappointed but really unhappy.

Not only that but not being able to see my results online after I've been spoiled with Fitbit is kind of a bummer. I'd always check my stats periodically throughout the day online because it was easy and convenient and I could leave the website up while doing other work. Now with this app I have to break out the phone (or borrow, in my case) unlock the phone, find the app, open the app and then update the info. Not as easy as it should be.

Another thing I noticed is that in order to sync the Boost with the phone you have to hold the button for 5 seconds. 3 seconds puts it to sleep and 5 syncs the Boost with the phone. After several different tries with looking at the phone and trying to figure out where the refresh button was on the app I realized that you have to do it from the Boost. I definitely don't like that. The button itself is not as easy to push as you'd want it to be. My husband who has no finger nails would have a really difficult time using the button.

I'm not a fan of this bracelet. I'll definitely be switching back to Fitbit.
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