Friday, December 20, 2013

51. Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition for Dummies - Consumer Dummies

I have to say, a lot of this information I already knew. I did see my educator and nutritionist every month or so for over two years and a lot of this I learned from them. A few things were surprising to me but not enough.

I was sort of hoping for more of a meal plan. I realize they can't go through every day of my life and I got the logistics, I just would have liked more options.

A lot of the recipes were not really for me. I wasn't interested in any of them really. I was really only mildly enthused about one or two. I know what you're thinking... maybe that's why she's got the diabeetus. Not so.

One thing that was a great refresher was keeping the carbs under 15 grams. That actually makes a lot of sense to me. I'm a huge carb person. I try to be more conscious of the carbs when eating but sometimes they get away from me. I remember my nutritionist going over something like this but it's been so long it's good to be reminded.

I think this is a very good starting point and something everyone should read especially those just diagnosed. I feel like the best thing for diabetes is a healthy diet and exercise. Eat healthy and get moving and remember to check your numbers as often as your doctor suggests. I think it's the key to staying healthy and what this book is also saying. 

I haven't read Diabetes For Dummies but I feel like a lot of this should be covered under that and this being geared more towards the actual meal planning and perhaps covering more foods on the Glycemic Index and more of what we should eat vs what we shouldn't. There were some helpful tips in the back that went over a few items that you could substitute like plain greek yogurt for sour cream or butter. Plus, super foods that we should consider like peanut butter and salmon.

The thing that bothered me the most was that this book say's go ahead and eat a potato but for me they're so high on the GI I'm not sure why they're suggesting it. Obviously, it say's to know your body and check your results to see how certain things affect you but I don't like how they're saying white potatoes are alright. I guess maybe they're just not alright for me. I know, there's a write up in the back that say's that although it's high in carbs and high on the GI that its' also full of vitamin C and potassium. For me the reward is not worth the risk.

All in all this is great for beginners and a wonderful refresher to what, hopefully, most diabetics would know. I enjoyed reading through the tips and warnings. Something not every book would want to tackle.
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