Sunday, September 16, 2012

43. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

A game between two sides. It starts with a 6 year old girl. Sent to Prospero after her mother passes. Her father sees so much potential in her he calls the man in the grey suit. This is how the game begins. Celia knows she will be pitted against an opponent but she has no idea who that person might be or when the game shall begin.

I rather enjoyed the story. I thought it was told wonderfully and it was just as magical listening to the events being played out as it would have been to be there. I could picture it as clear as day. That being said the narrator's female voices were terrible. I was cringing most of the time. His accents were good but he should just stop trying to do women voices. It also seemed as though most of the characters sounded the same as well as him slipping in and out of character.

I rather felt like I missed something. When did they fall in love? How did they fall in love? What was Marco doing? I felt that even though everything came together that poor Isabelle was stuck in the middle.

The game was likened to a chess game with the circus and the people being the pieces. I think this book will appeal to men and women. Who wouldn't want to visit this circus.

Even though it appears as though there are characters that are not important or just taking up space, they all have a purpose in the story. All the way down the the ticket holder at the end. It was a wonderful tale beautifully told.
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