Sunday, January 29, 2012

7. Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas

It started off with a little magic. It goes through Lucy's childhood and why she and her sister are the way they are. I was so annoyed by Alice that I was cringing all through their childhood. Do parents really act like that? Then, I think, of course they do.

The whole story felt a little depressing to me. Even when Lucy was with Kevin in the beginning she seemed to be ... well, depressed. It was a little hard to read. Then she meets Sam in a very interesting and different way. I felt like it was something I'd almost do. As enjoyable as that was I'm not exactly sure I felt a connection to the characters.

There were a few twists that came about that I didn't see coming and rather enjoyed but then there were a few things that you could see coming a mile away.

The magic wasn't a predominate part of the story and it has me wondering why it was even there at all. I feel like it didn't have to be. I, personally, didn't mind the magic but I'm not sure everyone will feel the same way.

I wish I felt more for these characters because the story was really interesting. I loved the supporting characters and the detail that went into explaining the story. I find it difficult to connect unless I can feel what it is they're feeling.

I am excited about the next two books in the series that are coming. I'd love to see where we're going with this and who's next in the story line.
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