Monday, October 11, 2010

Draculas - Konrath, Crouch, Wilson, Strand

I was super lucky to get a copy of the up and coming novel Draculas. It is a novel that four authors collaborated on and it's about a terminal old man who purchases the head of a Dracula. Everything goes down hill from there. Shanna, was hired by Mortimer to study the head that he purchased. Jenny was the hospice nurse who he hired to watch over him. After Ol' Morty does something unthinkable they both accompany him to the hospital. Once there all hell breaks loose.

This book is like a cross between vampires and zombies. Each character was running for their lives. The more you get into the novel the more it seems to become hopeless for each character involved. You're thinking, there's no way their luck can be that bad, but guess again!

What I really find amazing about this novel in particular is that each author had a set of characters. They each wrote their own parts separately but you'd never know from reading it. It's that seamless. I never once thought to myself, huh, this doesn't sound like the last part. It just flowed.

Honestly, I cannot begin to explain the amount of gore. There's just so much. Not to mention the adrenaline ride you're put through. Will they make it? Will they not make it? In some books when there are more than 4 characters I normally get lost. Not in this case. Each character made such an impression with me that I had no trouble remembering who and what was happening to them. I think that is a testament to how well these authors write.

I was nervous, excited, disgusted, and frustrated to no end during this one. It's one of my favorites. It ended in such a way that it had its own conclusion but it could also have a sequel if the authors ever wanted to get back together. In fact, I kind of insist they do. I want more.

You can find a copy of the novel here.
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