Friday, October 29, 2010

Cherry Bomb - J.A. Konrath

Cherry Bomb by J.A Konrath is the sixth book in the Jack Daniels series and where everything comes to a head with Jack and Alexandra Kork. The serial killer Jack's been chasing. I love the Jack Daniels series. It combines humor with the macabre.

Fuzzy Navel left us with a huge cliffhanger and we find out immediately what happened. It was definitely not who I expected but still very satisfying. Well... not satisfying in the fact that someone died and Daniels loses someone important to her but in the fact that it was not any of my very super favorite characters.

For me this book seemed less gruesome than some of the others I've read. I could be confusing some of Konrath's other novels with the Jack Daniels series though.

I really liked this book. I really don't want to give anything away, because I'd be sorely disappointed if it happened to be before I had a chance to read it myself. So, I won't throw in any spoilers. I'll just say that it probably was not my favorite in the series so far but it was still worth the wait. I'm looking forward to more Jack Daniels!
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