Sunday, January 1, 2017

Born of Legend - Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, 46% of the way through this one and I'm wondering where the heck is the story. I mean, c'mon. Poor Jullien, Oh whoa is him. I miss the feelings and excitement of the first few books. I mean, Nykyrian and Syn were my all time favorites. They're what made me fall in love, and yeah, they were damaged goods but they weren't overly tortured souls that you couldn't enjoy the story. I just feel that it's getting long and drawn out and for no reason. A lot of repetitive things going on. I mean, Dagger is safe, then he isn't, then he is, then he isn't. He's in love but he's leaving, he's staying, he's leaving, he could never leave. UGH. IF you think this sentence is too long, try reading the book!

From the beginning we've hated Jullien. Now, my feelings for him went from dang, that poor guy, to STFU, already! I wish they had cut out about 350-400 pages already. I would have left liking Jullien. This is my all-time favorite series but it seems like it's going downhill fast. I don't want to lose what I've come to love.

Can I just say that the amount of characters and family lineage is driving me nuts. I cannot in anyway keep it straight in my head. I'm all over the place. Especially, since I listen to most of the story while I work. I cannot figure out who's who and related to what and when and so many different species. I gave up.

Now 56% of the way through and I'm starting to get angry. It's hard to listen to Jullien not like Darling and the rest of the clan that I've grown to love. Not to mention I think its starting to drag a and on. Let's get to what we've all been waiting for since Born of Betrayal. I mean, I can only hear so many times how much he can't believe Ushara loves him even though he's scarred. Sigh.

Not much passed where I left off I want to throw my Kindle, my cell phone, and anything I'm reading this on across the freaking planet. I hate everyone and everything in this book. I hope he dies, I hope he falls out of his spaceship or whatever they call it. I hope everyone burns in flames.

I can only listen to so many times about him hating his grandmother and him crying over toys Nyk left behind. I can't take it anymore. Honestly, this is ridiculous. It would have been much better of a story had we not gone into all this frivolous detail. There was absolutely no need for it. None at all. Let's be honest, I've skipped a full 3 minutes in the story and we're still talking about him showering. This has no relevance to the story. Not to mention, we keep commenting on the bedroom decor he hates. UGH. It's stuff like this that adds nothing to the story but you find riddled throughout the entire drawn out story. So disappointed, I should have read something better.

I sincerely hope that this is not the way all of The League novels are going. That would be totally and utterly disappointing.

Okay, so finally, 88% of the way through the book we finally get to what I've come for. I actually started liking the book again, until I remembered what it put me through.

I'm sorry but I hope this is not the trend of what's to come for The League. I loved the series as one of my favorites but it's getting ridiculous now. Too many characters, too many family trees that don't make sense to me and just plain too much.
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