Wednesday, May 20, 2015

100 Days to Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness -

Ok, so far I'm reading and I get what is happening but we're flying through things pretty fast. I'm a bit disappointed because I know Da Vinci and Tesla but everyone else we're mentioning, no idea. Way over my head. Like who Lucio looks like. I guess it's just beyond my 34 years of living. Or maybe it's because I'm not Italian?

What we quickly skimmed over is the love story between Lucio's grandparents. OMG, so touching and worth more than a page. I melted. Alas, this is not about Lucio's grandparents it's about his death sentence and wining back his wife. Or so I thought. It's basically, just the last 100 days of Lucio's life. To me he seems to take it in stride. One thing that stuck out to me was that he didn't seem to try very hard to win his wife over. I guess it's really difficult staring down the end of days.

I definitely found myself crying in several spots of this book. One thing I know for sure is that I wish USA had a place where Lucio was able to end his time with a bit of dignity. So much for claiming land of the free.

Anyway, I wish I had understood the references a bit more. They didn't get easier as the book progressed. Even his play list, yeah, I know the Dire Straits and at least 2 or 3 other bands listed but I didn't know a single song. Yipes.

I wish we'd all spend a little more time with family and friends without it having to be the end. This will get you to think. Don't take life for granted. Live and be happy. Most of us will never know the end is coming. Like the book say's, you spend a lot of time doing the last of something and you might not even realize it.
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