Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29. Icon - J. Carson Black

I think the back of this book sold it way more than the content. From the description I was excited to read this one but about halfway through I was waiting and waiting and thinking, OK, when do we get to the good stuff? I'm not sure we actually did.

It started off fairly well but for me it just fizzled out. I feel like they sold it as more of a novel where Max Conroy decides to fight back. It felt more of a he just went with the flow, didn't think things through, and made not great decisions.

Max Conroy's out of control Hollywood lifestyle has sent him to rehab. After escaping he ends up being rescue from a kidnapping by Sheriffs Deputy, Tess. After being left go by Tess, Max finds himself in the middle of yet another kidnapping.

Honestly, how many people out there are kidnappers and or murderers? How many can you run into in one day? I thought this book was going to go one way and it went the opposite. It wasn't what I expected and it wasn't better. I was pretty bored by the end and the actual ending made me wince.  
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