Monday, April 4, 2011

Declaring Spinsterhood - Jamie Lynn Braziel

I started this on Sunday afternoon and at 1am I was still reading it. I could not put it down. I was so intrigued by Emma and the men chasing her while she pushed them all away.

Emma's family was ruthless always setting her up on dates. When they didn't work out they always blamed her. Poor girl. When Emma finds out she's in love with her best friend but he happens to be dating someone else she tries to push her feelings away. I felt for Emma. Most of her responses seemed a little childish but I felt like I would have reacted similar in her situation so it felt right to me.

This one had me laughing, it had my crying. Mostly crying. It was emotional for me. I wanted things to work out for Emma so much.

I guess if I had any criticism it would be that I had a hard time believing all the people that went to Church and were so dedicated to it. I only thing that because I'm not religious and I don't see the point. So that's my problem. Not the books. Luckily, Church was just a place for things to unfold and there really wasn't any religion involved, thankfully.

This book was fun and emotional and intriguing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was well worth being tired at work.
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