Monday, January 10, 2011

Killing Red - Henry Perez

This one started out so promising for me. I have to admit though, not even halfway through, I started skipping ahead. For me it was taking way to long to get anywhere. I'd skip 15 pages and I'd still be at the same spot of him opening a door. C'mon. Get the show on the road. I didn't care about the drivel in between. I wanted some action. I wanted LOTS of action.

I suppose there was a twist at the end but I wasn't amazed. I had no idea who was behind all of it and that's what kept me skipping ahead. I just wanted to know.

Annie was a mystery to me. She trusted Chapa, then she didn't trust Chapa, then she did... and so on. I couldn't figure her out. Chapa was even more of a loss for me. He insists he misses his daughter and wants nothing more to talk to her yet, he refuses to call in case he has to talk to ex. Um, that's part of life. If you truly miss your daughter you'd call. You'd do anything in your power for her.

I have to say, what I read of it was alright. What I skipped of it won't be missed.
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